The Zircon Advantage

Zircon Corporation, headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, U.S.A. achieved the highest sales volume in 2016 and to date, with more than 50 million stud finders being sold. It’s because we design, develop, and manufacture the largest selling line of innovative electronic stud finders, metal detectors, and electrical scanners for professional contractors and home improvement enthusiasts alike.

At Zircon, we are laser focused to understand, recognize, conceptualize, and engineer easy-to-use tools that solve every day problems and stand by them from project start to finish. Our diverse in-house engineering capabilities include custom chip design, software and firmware, display technology, mechanical design, rapid prototyping, and industrial design intended for a lifetime of rugged use.

A leader in the industry since 1980, we are the first to introduce new technologies such as over-the-stud indication, DeepScan® mode, WireWarning® detection, CenterVision™ technology, ACT™ Auto Correcting Technology, and more.

We keenly research, review, and propel the best of the best with our mantra “Form fits function.” Our industrial design emphasizes real world usage. Every curve, every angle, from the battery door release, power button, ergonomic grip, viewing angles, pivot points, no detail is too small or insignificant. While often imitated, we are never duplicated with all Zircon® products being highly proprietary and well protected by patents.

Zircon’s customer motivation expands into all areas of our operations, including our efficient and tightly controlled assembly operations utilizing highly-refined technologies, supplier partnerships, just-in-time inventory, and on-line integration. All components and facilities are controlled and/or monitored by Zircon to ensure rapid delivery of high quality products.

Every day, Zircon manufactures and markets dozens of specialized electronic scanners and detectors designed to save you time and money. Easy-to-use, tech-driven, accurate, affordable, professional, durable – there is a tool for everyone. With millions of units sold worldwide, our high-tech, high-performance tools are also RoHS (Lead-Free) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive in the European Union) compliant.

Have a question? We’re here when you need us. Our Tool Pro Experts provide superior customer service and know the ins and outs about tools, construction, and the challenges that DIYers and professionals face with a diverse list of projects. Customers can reach live, accessible, knowledgeable, honest people. At Zircon, we go above and beyond…

There’s a reason why, since the inception of the original StudSensor™, we are, the #1 choice for both DIYers and professionals. Our long lasting, high quality, and innovative tool line continues to set industry standards. We’re continuously raising our own expectations of what we design, deliver and provide to end users worldwide. Expect no less than the very best from Zircon – We are the tool experts.